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Terms of Service

MyFBO will provide you with its online aviation management application software services on a calendar-month subscription basis via the Internet.

MyFBO will assure that it's application is available for your use via the Internet at least 99.9% of the time during each calendar month.  If MyFBO fails to provide this level of service, you may request and MyFBO will provide a pro rata reduction in your next monthly fee.  Failure of the Internet, any portion of the Internet, or your connection to the Internet are not considered when calculating availability.

Your subscription provides full access to MyFBO support services including online documentation, online e-Learning (training) programs, interactive webinars, subscriber newsletters, online support requests and responses, and telephone support.  The use of online support requests is encouraged.  Telephone support for routine inquiries is available during regular business hours.  Telephone support for emergencies (system outages more than ten minutes, system errors preventing use) is available at all times.  The MyFBO support staff will provide instructions and assistance, but cannot use the application for you.

MyFBO will use its best efforts to assure that all calculations performed by the application are accurate and without error.  If you detect an error, it is your responsibility to report it to MyFBO support, where it will be corrected in a timely manner.  MyFBO accepts no income from and cannot be responsible for the availability or accuracy of services provided by third parties such as credit card processors, flight tracking providers, insurance providers, Give A Flight processing, etc.

MyFBO will use its best efforts to secure your data from unauthorized use.  These efforts include maintaining your data in a security-hardened data center, providing multiple levels of access authority for your staff, encrypting sensitive communication over the Internet, encrypting sensitive data in your online database, and storing bank credit card data in a third-party PCI-audited card vault.  You are required to assure that credit card and other sensitive data is stored only in the fields provided for that purpose.  You are also required to assure that each authorized user has the lowest reasonable level of authority, a separate and unique log-in code, and that passwords are not shared among users.

MyFBO will use its best efforts to prevent the loss of your data, including redundant recording of all data and daily backups of your database to a separate physical location.  Data that you enter into the online application belongs to you, and will not be disclosed to others except as you instruct.  You can request and receive a complete copy of your database online at any time your subscription is active.

If you sell your business, you must advise MyFBO on the disposition of your data and any access rights for the new owner.

MyFBO will treat users you name as Senior System Administrators as if they were you.  You or your Senior System Administrators can name additional Senior System Administrators, cancel your subscription, delete all of your data, etc. Therefore, you must select Senior System Administrators with great care.

Fees for your use of the MyFBO application are based on the services you request, and will vary as you and users you name as System Administrators change the services requested in the application.  This includes (but is not limited to) application features and options; the number of aircraft, flight staff, flight training devices, fuel tanks, other resources, and locations; the number of fuel credit cards you process; and the amount of online data storage you consume.  Chargeable features and options are clearly marked as such on the pages where they are enabled.

If you wish to cancel your subscription, notice must be received before the first day of the month.  Subscriptions can also be placed on hold but ready to use for a nominal monthly fee.  Partial-month subscriptions or services are not offered.  There are no adjustments for services you requested but did not use.

It is your responsibility to keep the information about your company up to date.  This information includes company ownership, company mailing address, and the e-mail addresses where your monthly bill will be sent.  To keep administrative costs low, MyFBO conducts much of its business via e-mail.  Therefore, keeping your e-mail addresses up-to-date is essential.

MyFBO will bill you via e-mail on the first business day of each month for the services you or your System Administrators have requested.  Payment is requested by the tenth day of the month.  MyFBO prefers that you maintain a valid credit card on file to be charged on that date.  If your credit card is declined or has expired, MyFBO will notify you via e-mail.  Payments by check in Unites States dollars are also accepted.

MyFBO will send you a reminder via e-mail on or about the 24th day of each month if your payment has not been received.  If your payment is not received before your next monthly bill is issued, your subscription will be placed on hold (active but unavailable) the day following issuance of that bill.

Subscriptions placed on hold for non-payment can be reactivated by full payment at any time during the calendar month.  Beyond this time, your subscription will become inactive, and will not be maintained in a "ready to use" state.  MyFBO will assess additional charges to make your inactive subscription ready to use if any work is required to do so.

Effective March 18, 2010 8:00 a.m. EDT.  Any changes to this document or to MyFBO fees will be posted in the online Message Center for a minimum of one week, and will be available to you and to users you name as System Administrators.