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MyFBO.com is the result of years of experience with general aviation, the web, and the needs of Fixed Base Operators (FBOs), flight schools, flying clubs, charter operators, aircraft dealers, and fractional operators (our subscribers). Our purpose is to promote general aviation by increasing sales and reducing costs for our subscribers.

We do this by making our subscribers and their fleets available to their customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the world wide web and the wireless web. Customers can get answers to their questions and make reservations for aircraft rentals, instruction, scenic, charter, fractional flights online, and buy and sell aircraft online.

To support online scheduling, MyFBO.com systems also include functions to automate our subscribers' front office functions (dispatching, check-in, point-of-sale, etc.) while tracking aircraft maintenance and maintenance requirements. Back office automation includes the posting of recurring charges (e.g., tie downs, monthly dues), leaseback accounting, monthly customer invoicing, and inventory management. The software also provides export files for a subscriber's accounting system, providing full end-to-end automation.

In addition to increasing your business and reducing your costs, some MyFBO.com services can be resold to your customers. You can provide maintenance tracking service to aircraft owners for a fee. And you can help partnerships by scheduling aircraft for the partners while performing much of their partnership accounting.

All of this is done at the lowest possible fee -- less than the annual maintenance fee for other aviation software. MyFBO.com understands that subscribers must receive value in every purchase. Our systems are cost effective because they are inexpensive, increase business, provide new sources of revenue, and reduce a subscriber's administrative workload.

The development of the MyFBO.com software began during the winter of 1998 / 1999 with the idea of selling more "marginal" hours. In a general sense, the most profitable flight hour that an FBO can sell is the next one, since fixed overheads have been paid by the hours already sold. Making that marginal hour clearly visible and easy to buy was thought to be an advantage.

MyFBO.com now firmly believes this to be true, even though we'll never prove it. You can't ask a rental pilot what he would have done if he hadn't booked the aircraft online because there is no way for him or her to know the answer. One of our FBO subscribers estimates that he sells at least an hour or two extra each week across his four aircraft. If he's right, that's about one-half hour for each aircraft times (say) $80 per hour times 52 weeks in a year -- over $2,000 in additional income per aircraft every year.

Customers tell us they prefer booking online for several reasons. They say it's easier than "negotiating" a time over the phone, but in listening to them report their online experience, there's also an element of control. Online scheduling allows them to decide when they will fly instead of being told when they can fly. It is a small but important distinction. And if it increases revenue even a little, its enough to pay for MyFBO.com services.

What we know for sure is that at FBOs where our software is in use, over 90% of bookings from "frequent flyers" are done online. At most FBOs, that's over 75% of their business. This alone tells us that money is being made and staff workload is reduced.