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Data Exchange

When fully operational, the MyFBO Data Exchange will provide you with limited amounts of data from other subscriber's systems as described below.  Similarly, a limited amount of your data may be provided to other MyFBO subscribers. 

The Data Exchange is designed to offer a convenience for your customers while potentially increasing sales for you.  The Data Exchange provides information about one customer or one aircraft at a time.  Customer contact information or lists of customers will never be provided.  Except for the charter aircraft brokerage exchange, the name of the providing operator will not be released.

For Flight Schools, Rental Operators, Aircraft Managers, and Flying Clubs

The Data Exchange will allow you to view previous flight data for prospective pilot-customers including certificate type, ratings, endorsements, date of last flight, hours and checkouts by aircraft type and cockpit configuration, and dual and solo hours by date range.  Your prospective pilot-customer must supply his or her pilot certificate number and e-mail address for the Data Exchange to operate.  The Data Exchange will not disclose pricing data or the names of operators where your prospect has flown before.

For Charter Operators

The Data Exchange will report aircraft listed for brokerage at or near a specified location (airport or ZIP code).  The data will include the name and contact information for the aircraft operator, charter estimator inputs, aircraft availability, and brokerage discount if any.

For Service Centers / Service Order Subscribers

The Data Exchange will report work completed by discrepancy and date, serial numbers, and aircraft log data.  The service order Data Exchange will require both registration number and airframe serial number to operate.  Service center names, hours worked, and pricing data will not be disclosed.

For Fuel Dealers and Ground Service Providers

The Data Exchange will allow you to view fuel quantities, net price per unit, ground services provided, and method of payment by date for a selected registration number.  The Data Exchange will not disclose the names of the operators where these services were provided, but will identify the data by region.

For other subscribers

No Data Exchange at present.

Effective December 2, 2009 12:00 p.m. EST.  Any changes to this document will be posted in the online Message Center for a minimum of one week available to you and users you name as System Administrators.